2015 Color Trends Home Decor // Moodboard

2015 Color Trends Home Decor

Imagine a warm night at a beautiful terracotta colored quinta in Sicily. Together with family, drinking delicious full-body red wine, kids are playing in the front, the vineyard full of grapes behind you..Good choice this Marsala, bring it on! To warm you up we’ve created this moodboard: the 2015 color trends home decor.

Origin of Marsala

Each year the color experts of painting brand Pantone present a color trend for the upcoming year. The name Marsala comes from, you see it coming: wine of Italy! To be exact, from the west coast of Sicily. The deep red color represents earthiness, red wine, rusty barrels and copper. This rusty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and gives a strong personality to home decor and interiors. Have a look at the moodboard and enjoy getting your inspiration for 2015..!

2015 Color Trends Home Decor // Moodboard

Photo © Ethnic Chic

Moodboard products:
1. Arte wallpaper // Edo 57000
2. Osborne & Little wallpaper // Armadale F6261
3. Aqua Creations lamp // Stand by Composition
4. Dominique Kieffer fabric // Tache Toile
5. Elitis wallpaper // Nature précieuse Rm619
6. Cravt Original plant // Artificial Plant 9600027. Cravt Original tissue box // Wipe Red 660020

2015 Color Trends Home Decor // Moodboard
Photo left © www.atticmag.com // Photo right © www.kathryngreeleydesigns.com

The Italian Lakehouse Project
For our own projects we restyled a beautiful Italian Lakehouse you see below and used Marsala red color accents for the wall..

 2015 Color Trends Home Decor // Moodboard

Photo © Kasia Gatkowska

 2015 Color Trends Home Decor // Moodboard

Photo © Kasia Gatkowska

Why Marsala Red?

The Pantone Color Institute researches for the needs of people around the world. What are the environmental needs? The social economic factors? The influences all around us for the next year..Most important, they make a prediction of which color gives the reflection of what people are looking for and what they feel.

According Pantone’s research, there will be a strong need for nurturing, and things that feeds ourselves, our mind and body. What color than a red tone can represent better the earthiness, red wine, rich meals and rusty winebarrels? That’s why ‘Marsala Red’ fits right for these needs.

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Source: Pantone

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