Incredible hand-painted Volta ceilings

hand-painted Volta ceilings

We discovered Volta at the Decorex in London last year and it’s truly amazing what they create; hand-painted canvas ceilings as large as 12×60 meters! The highly skilled artisans paint the most unique ceilings, check it out.

Who are the makers?

The owners of Volta, Thierry Thenaers (below left) and Eddy Dankers, are reviving the classical art form of painted ceiling canvases, using modern techniques and also new designs to make it more desirable. It’s absolutely beautiful..

hand-painted Volta ceilings hand-painted Volta ceilings hand-painted Volta ceilings

Started at Palazzo Spinelli

What do you think when you see these artworks? Exactly: How do they create this? Well, what we know about Thierry’s background is that he trained the painting and techniques in Florence at Palazzo Spinelli. He started painting huge canvases for set designers in the opera. Thierry: “The scale of the canvases stayed with me, especially their potential for interior projects where they can be fitted seamlessly to ceilings or walls. The technique enables us to undertake any bespoke project, as we magnify or adapt the given design and then transpose it to the canvas. Working worldwide, our pieces are hand-painted on fire-retardant canvases as large as 12x60m. Once the canvas is painted, our specialised team can fit it on site in one day. The advantages of painting on canvas, rather than on the ceiling, include short lead times, no need to accommodate craftspeople and mess in your home for long periods, ideal working conditions for the artists and, as the canvas won’t crack, no need for touch-ups.”

hand-painted Volta ceilings

Versailles & residential

Luckily, these stunning ceiling artworks are not only reserved for royal palaces and opera buildings. Eddy: “We mainly work on residential and hospitality projects, but with our experience in set design we also carry out restorations, including the stage curtain for the Royal Opera of Versailles.

hand-painted Volta ceilings hand-painted Volta ceilings

Unlike murals painted directly onto a ceiling, a studio-painted canvas allows an artist to create finer, more detailed work, delivered as a single finished piece and then glued in place. Volta’s bespoke designs (from £300 per sq m) can range from classical scenes and copies of historic masterpieces to bold, geometric patterns, art deco motifs and contemporary trompe l’oeil illusions.”

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Credits: Volta
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