A look inside Ethnic Chic’s atelier

Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier

As the year 2015 is already behind us, we are heading to new projects and new goals for 2016…We have a lot of plans that we hopefully can fulfill this year, very exciting! We can’t tell you all the details but it comes down to; creativity to the max, more amazing new projects and interesting new collaborations…For now, we made some snapshots in Ethnic Chic’s atelier next door to share with you!

Upholstery by hand

The next pictures are taken in our atelier where Carolina Breuer is upholstering dining chairs and cushions, imagine what it all takes ;)…

Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier

Inside Ethnic Chic's atelierInside Ethnic Chic's atelier

Make-over Mansion

So what’s the story behind all the upholstery work? Well, we are working on a new project which is another beautiful countryside mansion, this time located in Belgium. We took some of the furniture pieces out, and Carolina is giving them an amazing make-over with beautiful fabrics.

Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier

Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier Inside Ethnic Chic's atelier

We just started, but here are some of Ethnic Chic’s first ‘almost finished’ pieces. In the meanwhile, the mansion will be painted, a new flooring is just applied and a lot more… We will share pictures of the work at the mansion itself soon ;)!

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Credits: Carolina Breuer & Ethnic Chic
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