A New Book by Stock Interiors: Making Memories


Our friends at Stock Interiors created a new book, a collection of their finest projects bundled together ‘Making Memories’. This new coffee table book is full of design inspiration and we can’t wait to have it in our hands, but first a sneak-peek.

A book by Stock’

Stock Interiors is a Dutch interior design company that works on different residential and commercial projects. Their style can be described as elegant and colourful with a rebellious edge. Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock, founders of Stock’, managed to finish to book together with their team and photographers, Carin Verbruggen and Ferry Drenthem Soesman, which resulted in an amazing piece of 264 pages with great unique and personal interiors.

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The story

They traveled from the Lake of Geneva to the beautiful Côte d’Azur and unique sites in their own country, The Netherlands. Editor in chief of the Dutch magazine Residence, Miluska van ’t Lam, participated and collected the stories behind the designs by visiting the portrayed houses and interviewing residents, families and Stock Interiors. Some chapters are dedicated the tips & tricks by Stock and others with advise from art connoisseurs.

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If you are looking for inspiration of colourful and warm interiors, something different than typical Dutch design and made by Dutch designers? This is the one! ‘Making Memories’ will be released soon, pre-orders can already be made and you’ll receive the book before Christmas 2016.

Coffee table book ‘Making Memories‘ by Stock Interiors, 264 pages, price €49.00.

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Credits: Stock Interiors
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