A Royal Blue color palette to create excitement

blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-paletteBlue can bring a lot excitement to a room, and that’s exactly what we like about blue. Before we all nod-off in our cozy and warm sofa next to fireplace, here are some royal blue statements!

Meaning of Blue

Blue is the color of superiority, intelligence and confidence. A strong color, that always creates a lot of contrast. Interested as we are in the story behind things, we will tell more about the color meaning and what to achieve with royal blue accents.

blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette-jim-thompson blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette

Different shades, tints of blue have different meanings. We like the dark blues, they can be seen as elegant, rich, sophisticated and intelligent. As you can see in the last two pictures of the sofa and dark blue wall.


Blue Lapis Lazuli stone

Blue gemstones remains the symbol of royalty and honor, it’s a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Originally ‘Lapis’ means stone in Latin and ‘lazhuward’ means blue in Persian. The rocks consists of multiple minerals, mostly Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite.

blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette-jkroma blog-ethnic-chic-royal-blue-color-palette


What do you think of royal blue color tints within interior design? This last picture is one of our interior design at the Salon Residence, photographed by Peter Baas. Painted the whole room in a royal blue color and created even more excitement by combining a chinoiserie wallpaper (by De Gournay) and the white lacquered chinoiserie bamboo chairs. Off course there are many different ways to apply blue in a room, just be aware of the impact of the color ;).

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Credits: Jim Thompson, L’objet, J.K. RomaPeter Baas & Lonnymag.
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