A special wood wall design at Aesop Skin Care

Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC

A wall holds so much power in influencing the ambiance of a room. Yet, it unfortunately tends to be a forgotten structure. The sky is the limit when it comes to wall designs. Take Aesop’s new shop, for instance, in Washington DC. This cosmetics store aced their interior design. Aesop worked together with Tacklebox to dress up the store and the results are mesmerizing.

Aesop Georgetown, Washington DC

I think you’d agree with me that the wall is the most pronounced design in their 84-square-meter space. A total of 30,000 recycled sticks were used to cover its surface. Their uneven arrangement results in a wonderful dynamic design. However, the thought process behind the design is just as amazing. Aesop is known for having a unique design in every store. Through researching the store’s environment, a beautiful design is created in harmony with local heritage.

Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC

This is also seen in Aesop Georgetown. This port city flourished with their tobacco trade. Sticks made from timber were used to dry and cure the tobacco leaves. Now, these same sticks are seen on the wall of Aesop’s store. 

Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC

“By reclaiming common, ordinary or otherwise overlooked materials, removing them from their given context and [mis]using them in a new extra-ordinary way, we are able to reveal a material essence that evokes an evidence of the hand and fosters a sense of timelessness” (Tacklebox). 

Create a similar wall

Creating interiors with a sense of purity and timelessness is a passion of ours. By working with many incredible high end wallcovering designs, we are able to create very unique wall designs. However, if you’d like to design your own room with a timelessness ambiance like in Aesop’s store, Elitis’s new wallcovering collection might be something for you.

Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC Wood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DCWood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DCWood wall Aesop Skin Care Washington DC

Check out these coco shells by Elitis. The texture and pattern from this wallcovering results in a similar effect as in Aesop’s store. The coco shells are all hand-made and come in 4 different designs. They are named after provinces in the Philippines, namely, Palawan, Camarines, Mindanao and Visayas. Get in touch with us if you’d like to bring the tropics into your home! 

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Credits: Aesop Skin Care,Tacklebox & Dezeen.
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