About Eileen Gray and her high end room divider

About designer Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray made it. She struggled and fought for it, but she followed her dream in design and made it together with the big guys. She was born in 1878, and we all know that back then, developing a career as a woman was very tough. Now imagine how life was for a bisexual woman. This perhaps is one of the reasons why she laid low as she worked hard behind the scenes.

About Eileen Gray

Gray was born in Ireland, but spent most of her life living in London, and around France. She was one of the first females to attend the London Slade School of Fine Art. After graduating, she quickly moved to Paris. Traveling was a big source of inspiration. For instance, she realized the passion she had for Asian screens by walking through the streets of London.

About designer Eileen Gray

About designer Eileen Gray
Furthermore, in 1909, she traveled to Morocco and learned a variety of art techniques such as how to dye woolThis mirrors our philosophy of incorporating culture in our interior design projects, and gaining inspiration through traveling.

Gray’s Career

After a while, she began to create her own designs and presented a room divider, or screen at Salon des Artistes Decorateurs in 1913. Jacques Doucet, a famous art collector bought the screen, Le Destin. This was the beginning of her fame. As this screen ended up traveling to the hands of Yves Saint Laurent.

Screen Eileen GrayDesigner Eileen Gray

The city of l’amor also worked its charm on Gray. After successfully furnishing the Talbot apartment, she crossed paths with Jean Badovici, a Romanian architecture critic. Soon they fell in love and Gray designed their famous villa, E-1027. During this time many inspirational architects such as Le Corbusier, contacted Eileen wondering whether she’d like to collaborate, very delighted, however, she turned them down.

About designer Eileen Gray

Unfortunately, Gray and Badovici split up after a few years and E-1027 was given to Badovici. With pain in her heart however, she heard that Badovici’s friend painted provocative, Picasso inspired murals over the once serene and tranquil house. E-1027 was partially destroyed during WWII. Unfortunately, Gray’s new villa was also ruined by the war, and it took her sketches and prints for future projects with it. On a happier note, however, Gray was recognized as a modern master in design before her death, at 98 years old.

About designer Eileen Gray About designer Eileen Gray

Gray has influenced the world of architecture and design and her products are still being sold world wide. Her fame began with a high end screen. Room dividers can beautifully shape the ambiance of a room. Although we do not sell the one and only Le Destin, you can check out our online shop and perhaps you will find the gem you are looking for!

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