About Us


Who we are and what we do

We’re an international oriented interior design company, based in Amsterdam and recently also in New York. Co-owner and interior designer Robin Toetenel is working for around ten years in the interior design world and within this period, Ethnic Chic has grown from a boutique shop in the heart of Amsterdam to a design company, working on all kinds of residential and commercial projects worldwide, including an online boutique shop with a large selection of exclusive brands. 

Passionate about design

Our fascination for unique objects, unusual materials, traditional design craftsmanship and custom-made furniture results in everything we do. Hundreds of years ago, the Silk Route or Silk Road, was an ancient network of trade routes starting from China to India and ending in Venice. Because of this route, we are now influenced by many different cultures causing an ‘ethnical’ mix. Today, we do the same by traveling and take inspiration from cultures around the world. This forms the backbone of our company.