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Glass, the transparant material that we can’t miss in our homes. Windows, ceilings and doors of glass that bring us sunlight and keep us in contact with nature… Beside the fact that it’s essential to us, glass is also one of the most elegant finishes. Imagine smokey glass table tops or a showcase full of curiosity…Glass is a must-have for interior design.

Lights of glass

We can go very wild with glass, but to keep a little focus we will present only glass lightings. We are in love with the next 3 exclusive designers of pendant lights…Hold on for Ochre, Giopato & Coombes and Melogranoblu!

designer glass pendant lights-Ochre


When we discovered and saw Ochre for the first time, we immediately knew that this is a ‘keeper’. These lighting designs are made by skilled artisans who create glass lighting with perfection. Around almost a year ago we wrote one of our first blogposts about the Seed Cloud by Ochre, it’s so beautiful!

In one of our projects we integrated the Ochre chandelier, seen in the picture above, for the dining room. Hopefully we can show you soon the result to inspire you more with Ochre.

designer glass pendant lights-Ochre designer glass pendant lights-Ochre

 designer glass pendant lights-Ochregallery1
Giopato & Coombes

Originally, glassmaking in the traditional way comes from the Venetian island Murano; the famous Murano glass. We know Murano glass also from the exclusive Barovier & Toso lighting but we just discovered these colorful designs that we would like to share with you! Designed and handblown by Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes. In the pictures below you see the ‘I Flauti’ Collection.

designer glass pendant lights-Giopato Coombes
designer glass pendant lights-Giopato Coombesdesigner glass pendant lights-Giopato Coombesdesigner glass pendant lights-Giopato Coombes


We always hunt for unique, inspirational light installations that can make a statement instantly, think about a hotel, bar or restaurant interior…The designers of Melogranoblu make these kind of light installations, so let’s introduce you to their beauties! Check the next sophisticated light installations for special rooms (also available for home interior lighting).

designer glass pendant lights-Melogranoblu

designer glass pendant lights-Melogranoblu designer glass pendant lights-Melogranoblu designer glass pendant lights-Melogranoblu Designer glass pendant lights-Melogranoblu

We love the combination of glass in lighting designs to create an exciting atmosphere. It’s really amazing what you can do with glass. Hopefully we’ve inspired you, if you have any questions regarding these lightings or interested in advice? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Credits: Tribu Magazine, Residence, OchreGiopato & Coombes and Melogranoblu
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