Art & frames: elegant frame wall decor guide

Elegant art & frame wall decor guide

When we go to art fairs, photo-galleries or inspirational public places like restaurants and hotels, we are always get attracted to the personal objects and pieces. Think about an impressive art paint that covers an entire wall with a beautiful classic frame, or a photo wall that tells you a story… Inspired by personal collections, we have created a shopping guide and 4 tips to create an elegant wall decor.

Shop the look

This month we created together with the Residence team a Decoration & Design shopping guide full of design products. Here’s a copy of our guide that is published in the November issue of Residence Magazine…find links below!

Elegant art & frame wall decor guide

Shopping guide: 1. Mirror by S. Cavallo Mirror Fair, 2. Picture Light, 3. Wall Art, 4. Restored frame by Lex Lijstenmakerij, 5. Pillar by Cravt Original, 6. Uplighter by Vaughan, 7. Mirror Frame, 8. Cushion by Chad Wys

Tip 1. About Scaling

One of the most important things of creating a wall decor is the scaling. That doesn’t mean you always have to follow the rules. You can create surprising combination, as long as there is a conscious focal point that is interesting.
Elegant art & frame wall decor guideElegant art & frame wall decor guide
Elegant art & frame wall decor guideElegant art & frame wall decor guide

Tip 2: Create A Collage

An empty wall with a high ceiling is better off with small frames instead of one large piece of artwork. Check it yourself in the picture below. If the wall was decorated with one huge picture, the ‘sweet-home-feeling’ would be replaced into a museum-gallery-feeling. If you like the feeling of one frame, you can choose boiserie to create a more cozy and warm atmosphere.

Elegant art & frame wall decor guideGallery-11

Tip 3: Mix Different Styles

Your collected art pieces and photographs don’t have to be in one style to make it fit all together. Highlight for example classic ornaments, or the boiserie and combine this with a modern frame or artwork. Mix and match till you find the right balance in contrast. Try before you say no, you’ll be surprised!

Elegant art & frame wall decor guide Elegant art & frame wall decor guide

Tip 4: Go for top-framers

The best tip we can give you is choose for high-quality, you won’t regret! Go for restoration with an old frame or look for professional gallery frames. Where? In the Netherlands we have one top-framer, Lex Lijstenmakerij, based in Arnhem. This frame craft company has also provided frames for the Photo Fair Unseen in Amsterdam!

Elegant art & frame wall decor guide

Check out the new Residence November 2015 issue for more advice and information about frames, and let your senses be inspired with wall decor ideas. Oh, and if you’re looking for new art? Go to the PAN-fair in Amsterdam: 22-29 November 2015. Save the date ;)!

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Credits:Lex Lijstenmakerij & Residence.
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