Be amazed, lighting designs Aqua Creations

Be amazed, lighting designs Aqua Creations

For all the design lovers among us, you have to see these lighting sculptures by Aqua Creations! Absolutely one of the most unique lighting designs by this strong and innovative design brand. Get ready: Amazed lighting designs Aqua Creations!

Massive light sculpture

Combining handcraft with industrial techniques, Aqua Creations developed a special piece that is called the ‘pyramid’. Aqua Creations exhibited their light sculpture at the HD expo in Las Vegas in May 2013. Check out the video and have a look at ‘the making off’ and see how it’s all made, what a piece of art!

Pyramid by Aqua Creation from Albi on Vimeo.



Different shapes of the silk sculptures

All shades of silk lighting Collections are made of hand dyed, treated crushed silk; resistant to mold and heat. The silk is sculpted over a metal structure.

Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier is a design studio that originates artistic ideas into design objects, bringing together an organic aestetic and an appreciation for functionality. Aqua Creations boasts an extensive array of lighting and furniture lines.

The large-scale light fixtures make it perfect for hotel use or other extra-ordinary public spaces. As you can notice on the pictures below.

The more classical way

But Aqua Creations is also great in the right interior setting. Like in Italy, we did a Lakehouse project, which also has been published in ‘Residence’ and ‘More then Classic’ Magazine. At the pictures you see the ‘Morning Glory’ of Aqua Creations. Highly stylized organic forms are the source of inspiration for this collection. Many of the pieces are distinct, featuring exotic creatures and flowers. This makes it possible to use the lighting design in a more classical way.

Nana lamp in Fiji

Another lamp of Aqua Creations soon will arrive at a ultra luxurious Hotel on Fiji; Laucala island. The ‘Nana’ chandelier of the Aqua Creations Collection will be hung in the Hotel lobby, the pictures of the result are coming soon!

We love how Aqua Creations develops unique designs, that’s what makes interior design a lot of fun! We try to find innovative and unique objects that fit in the perfect spaces. We can’t wait to use the chandeliers for our upcoming projects!

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