Beauty and richness of Jim Thompson products

Beauty and richness of Jim Thompson products
Imagine warm temperatures, Buddha’s, high humidity and lots of bright colors. Hold on for the next inspiration boost from Thailand! We admire other cultures, they gives us so much new inspiration, especially Asia, everything feels  so different there. Things you have never seen before can be surprisingly beautiful. That’s the way how the one and only James H. W. Thompson got his inspiration to set up his fantastic brand in fabrics and wallpapers. When we saw Jim Thompson products for the first time, we were over the moon! Remarkable colors, and unique textures, just stunning. Here is everything you need to know about this new designer brand in our shop; meet Jim Thompson, meet the brand!

Meet Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson, born American has gone missing since 1967. he mysteriously disappeared  while on holiday in Malaysia. In the 1930’s he was as an architect and worked out of New York. Soon he became interested in stage and costume design ‘as a director of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo’. But had to serve in World War II, and after he settled in Bangkok because of his love for Thailand.

Back then, the business opportunities in hand-woven Thai silk was limited. No matter to Jim, he saw how American and European people would love these silk textures and textiles. With this strong believe he founded in 1950 The Thai Silk Company, majority-owned by Thai, aimed in part at sustaining the traditional livelihoods, culture and dignity of local weavers and silk farmers. Nowadays, as the world’s largest producer of hand-woven fabrics, Jim Thompson is especially known for its exceptional Thai silks.

Beauty and richness of Jim Thompson products

Photo © Jim Thompson

Meet the brand

Thanks to his life in New York, Jim Thompson had experience with the world of interior design, fashion, show business, art and media that helped him a lot with branding the new textiles in Europe and America. Among luxury textile houses, Jim Thompson stands out with color and quality.

Jim Thompson’s integrated the whole process for creating the fabrics and wallpapers ‘in house’. Jim Thompson: “master spinners, dyers and weavers, many of whom have been with us for over thirty years. They know their way round every aspect and every process of silk making. That makes it that we can assure the highest quality, attention to detail and exquisite finishes.”

You can describe the style of Jim Thompson as colorful, young and original patterns. A good feeling for great interior design with high-end textures. As we already explaned, we adore this brand… now it’s your turn to experience the brand 😉

Inspiration of our Jim Thompson collection

All Photo’s © Jim Thompson, shop fabrics from pictures:
Yellow and grey block design (no.1), Blue and white geometric design (no.2), Greek key creme design (no.3), elegant silk cotton jacquard design (no.4), ribbon and herbs design (no.5), black and white ikat (no.6), pink and orange Mediterranean stripes (no.7) and butterflies (no.7).

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