Contemporary art and design at Wright Auction House


Bidding for special design and art can be a lot of fun. Wright is one of our favorite auction houses for contemporary art and design in the States. Get to know more about the house and get all details for the next event in September.

40,000 Square foot

“The more expensive the piece, the more it leaves you guessing,” says Richard Wright, founder of the Wright Auction House in Chicago. Since 2000, the house has hosted several amazing auctions, previews and unique exhibitions. All the design pieces are presented in a 40,000 square foot building, located in the West Loop of Chicago and in New York.


Wright is right

Richard Wright has a passion for the bidding business. “The unpredictability is the fun part. It’s an interesting business, one in which 90 percent of the work is done behind the scenes and the grand performance is played to an almost empty house.” 

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Next auction: save the date

Wright’s next auction will take place on September 29th and is called Art + Design. This event will represent the most important moments of 20th and 21st century. Think about figures like the Color Field and Abstract Expressionist movements and artists like Hans Hofmann, Victor Vasarely, Willem de Kooning and Tadaaki Kuwayama.

All lots will be available for preview in the Chicago galleries, located at 1440 West Hubbard Street. Get more info and details here.

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Credits: Architectural Digest & Wright.
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