Crossroads: Fortuny fabrics’ newest collection

“Everything is a choice” (Fortuny, 2017).
Doesn’t it seem so obvious and straightforward? Yet, we often forget this as we get caught up in life. After all, we hold the power of all our decisions. Crossroads, Fortuny’s newest collection is inspired by the power of choice. We proudly got to see how this meaningful theme is reflected in their stunning new printed cotton fabrics at Paris Deco Off 2017.

Presenting: Bivio design

Bivio, or in other words, a ‘fork in the road’ is when life presents us a moment to stop, breathe and walk in one of the presented directions. We have all gone through a time when life struck us with a tough decision to make. Isn’t it beautiful how we are in charge of how we write our life story? See how the symbol of a ‘fork in the road’ is gracefully incorporated in the fabric below.

Fortuny crossroads Bivio-fabric-fortuny-crossroads Bivio-fabric-fortuny-crossroads

Presenting: Favo design

We swarm around like bees, making decisions as we follow our journey through life. However, in the end, we all have similar goals, forming a honeycomb. Just as Fortuny says “We are all different, and we are all the same- kind of.” Fortuny integrates the design of a honeycomb in their Favo fabric seen below.

Favo-fabric-fortuny-crossroads Favo-fabric-fortuny-crossroads Favo-fabric-fortuny-crossroads

Presenting: Itza design

The Itza fabric is inspired by the grand Mayan temple, Chichen Itza. This temple is built with cosmological symbolism, namely, the structure of the universe. 

Itza-fabric-fortuny-crossroads Itza-fabric-fortuny-crossroads

For instance, the 365 stairs of the temple symbolizes a completed solar year. The idea that you can zig zag on the steps, or change your mind through life is no problem, as in the end you will reach the complete cycle. Above you see the final design of the crossroad collection.

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Credits: Fortuny

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