Don’t miss the YIA Art Fair!

YIA Art Fair 2017

Maastricht awaits you with a grand opening of the YIA Art Fair 2017 on the 9th of March! This yearly event began in 2010, when Romain Tichit came up with the brilliant idea for young international artists to display their talent.

YIA in The Netherlands

The past 6 editions have been hosted in Paris and in Brussels. However, 2017 brings two new exciting cities into the scene, namely Maastricht and Basel!

YIA Art Fair 2017YIA Art Fair 2017

YIA Art Fair 2017 will start in Maastricht to honour 25 years of the Maastricht Treaty. This treaty was signed as a political symbol of collaboration among countries in the European Union. The event will then continue in Brussels, Basel and end in the picturesque city of Paris.

YIA Art Fair 2017

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event!

For a mere 8 euros you can enjoy the work of artists from all over the world presenting their best paintings, videos, sculptures, and of course, design and architecture.

Perhaps we will see you there!

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Credits: YIA Art Fair Facebook & YIA Art Fair.
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