Ever seen a 22 carat gold hand-painted silk wallpaper?

New hand-painted silk wallpaper by De Gournay

Hand-painting, gold leaves and silks. These are ingredients that De Gournay knows how to deal with and make people fall in love with them ;). If not so, you will after seeing these new hand-painted silk wallpaper designs from the San Fransisco Fall Antiques Show..

Rainfall by Fisher Weisman

One of the new designs is made by Fisher Weisman. A hand gilded 22 carat gold and 12 carat white gold leaf on ‘Empire Blue‘ dyed silk; The Rainfall.

Rainfall hand-painted silk wallpaper by Fisher Weisman

This is so beautiful, we can’t stop looking at it and can’t wait to see this one in real life… The contrast of the gold and ‘Empire blue‘ is what makes this design interesting, and together with the rest of the furniture it’s a royal statement. We just love it!

Flowered Damask by Allison Caccoma

The second new design is an amazing ‘modern-take-on-18th-century-damask’. The ‘Flowered Damask’ is designed by Allison Caccoma. The intimacy of the dark red, the elegant shapes of the antique pieces, the lighting and again the perfect custom-made wallpaper by De Gournay. Brilliant combination.

Flowered Damask hand-painted silk wallpaper

Dancing Araucaria by Geoffrey De Sousa

Last but not least, the ‘Dancing Araucaria’ design. Although this one is less extravagant than the previous ones, it is a very subtle design. Imagine this one in your home, not too much but just enough to create excitement; an ethnic-nature-artwork in the perfect color use.

Dancing Araucaria hand-painted silk wallpaper designed by Geoffrey De Sousa

Three totally different designs, and all very unique. We are so happy to work with De Gournay, every time our mouth drops open when we see these custom made wallpaper artworks…Unbelievable.

Excited to view more of De Gournay Collections in real life or interested in more information? We are the only design company in The Netherlands that offer wallpapers by De Gournay. Don’t hesitate to give us a call (+31 (0)20 330 80 66), or email (info@ethnicchic.com) through our contact page. Can’t wait to help!

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Credits: De Gournay
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