Facts about the exceptional Barovier & Toso lamps

Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lamps

If you ask us which company and brand is the most impressive and innovative one within interior design? It’s definitely Barovier & Toso. Hold your breath, this company is already founded in 1295! They’re famous for their Venetian Murano glasswork since that time and it’s considered to be one of the 100 oldest companies in continuous operation in the world. Quite impressive isn’t it? Let’s have a closer look to their work, these new lamps we’ve spotted at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

The Lincoln

Barovier & Toso: “Inspired by Philip Johnson’s interiors, the sophisticated and elegant vertical chandelier Lincoln is elegant but discreetly playful. The blown glass spheres, applied alternately on either side of the central structure, are worked with the balotòn technique which gives the glass a crossover effect in relief: a texture that filters the light of the internal LED (included) in a unique and captivating way. The anodized aluminum main body, preciously finished in pink gold, envelopes a powerful LED lamp that projects a downward beam of light.”

Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lamps Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lamps

The Perseus

Barovier & Toso: “Daring enhancement of the Murano tradition, Perseus is composed of a large number of glass elements that represent a compendium of the glassmaking techniques studied and developed by Barovier & Toso in the course of its long history, here reinterpreted, paired, and mixed in a subversive way with respect to the canons of classicism. This chandelier looks like a dazzling explosion of glass, carefully balanced in volume, in the alternation of different colors (in three color combinations), in the asymmetrical game of the arms. The frame is chromed and the lighting is LED, which is supplied with the suspension.”

Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lampsFacts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lampsThe Mazzodromo

Barovier & Toso: “A group of ceiling lamps of great aesthetic impact, characterized by heterogeneity of the glass elements. A chrome plate, square or rectangular, supports the steel cables along which are suspended elements of various shapes, sizes, and surface: a slender and lively composition that develops in height, up to 210 cm.LED lighting for both the spots included in the plate and the lights inside the elements. They are all supplied with the lamp.”

Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lamps

The Angel

Barovier & Toso: “Angel is a spiral of crystal plumage, which wraps around itself with dynamism and floats in space like a vaporous wing unfolding lightly. Each feather is lit by LED, as well as the ceiling mount – also bright. Its complex structure, in myrrh color metal, is calibrated to support every single feather, diverse from the others in shape, size, and inclination. This chandelier is available in two models of different height, and in three distinct colors. The light sources are included.”

Facts about the exceptional Barovier Toso lamps

Impressed by all these lighting designs, our absolutely favorite one was or is ‘The Mazzodromo’ ceiling lamp. Such a special piece where you can look at for hours! We don’t have Barovier & Toso on our website but if you’re interested in more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Photo Credits: Barovier & Toso.
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