Geraldine Prieur’s audacious way of decorating with colors

Géraldine Prieur interior decor

There is something very special about colors. They make us smile. Although society has placed some kind of silent rule that we have to downplay colors, we’d like to argue otherwise. We believe different emotions are triggered by boldly playing with unusual color combinations.

Who is Géraldine Prieur

Géraldine Prieur is a designer with a similar philosophy. As an interior designer, she describes  ‘unconventional full colors’ to be her signature style

Géraldine Prieur interior decor Géraldine Prieur interior decor

The love she has for colors started at a young age, as her grandmothers shared the same passion. One of her grandmothers was particularly fond of colorful feathers, hats and gloves. Her other grandmother frequently attended private fashion shows.

Géraldine Prieur interior decor Géraldine Prieur interior decor

Géraldine later studied History of Art at the École du Louvre. Her admiration for color remained as she became an interior designer and furniture designer. In 2012 she founded her design agency, ‘Rouge Absolut.’ This is named after her favorite color, Red. She believes this vibrant color stands for passion, life, luxury, sensuality and desire.

Géraldine Prieur interior decor Géraldine Prieur interior decor

In addition to playing with colors, Géraldine puts craftsmanship on the top of the list. She likes to work with products from different craftsmen, or in other words, hexagonal craftsmanship. We also love to put emphasis in the creation of a design and fancy working with custom-made craftsmanship.

Géraldine Prieur’s Colorful Apartment

Géraldine transmits her audacious character into her designs. One of our favorites is nothing less than the opulent apartment of Géraldine herself. Every room has a different colorful eruption.

Géraldine Prieur interior decor Géraldine Prieur interior decor

She passionately decorates with colors. The hall for instance has bright fuchsia walls and a green carpet. The color of the carpet, according to Géraldine creates a calm ambiance. Here you see that the usage of colors does not always turn into a hectic interior.

Géraldine Prieur interior decorGéraldine Prieur interior decor

The rest of the apartment includes a brilliant blue living room, a palatable pink and green dining room, and a ravishing red bedroom.

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