Home interior color guide for cozy christmas days

Blogpost1-bChristmas is upon us and though not everywhere snow will fall and fireplaces will burn we want to create the feeling of warmth and share great stories with our beloved ones. Ethnic Chic created a very special mood-board just for these cozy days of Christmas. A very happy merry Christmas & a fantastic 2015!

Ethnic-chic-fabrics-christmas-moodboard-colors-guide-pink-patterns-Anatolie-f2584-Pierre Frey-Rodomonte-19987-Rubelli-Semper-Augustus-30054-Ethnic-chic-fabrics-christmas-moodboard-colors-guide-red-velvet-mulberry-home Ethnic-chic-fabrics-christmas-moodboard-colors-guide-red-Rossini-Velvet-Leonardo-Carmin-Red-Fadini-Borghi-Heirloom-Paisley-Mulberry-home-Broderie-le-Rocher-B7579-Braquenie

Ethnic-chic-fabrics-christmas-moodboard-colors-guide-golden-classic-Leonardo-Carmin-Gold-Fadini-Borghi-Trebisonda-30003-Rubelli-Flying-Ducks-Velvet-Mulberry Home

Ethnic-chic-fabrics-christmas-moodboard-colors-guide-golden-classic-Senlis-Broderie-B7568-Braquenie   1. Anatolie f2584 // Pierre Frey
2. Rodomonte 19987 // Rubelli
3. Semper Augustus 30054 // Rubelli
4. Rossini Velvet // Mulberry Home
5. Leonardo Carmin Red // Fadini Borghi
6. Heirloom Paisley // Mulberry home
7. Broderie le Rocher B7579 // Braquenie
8. Leonardo Carmin Gold // Fadini Borghi
9. Trebisonda 30003// Rubelli
10. Flying Ducks Velvet // Mulberry Home
11. Senlis Broderie B7568 // Braquenie


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