How to create wealth at home // soften up interior

How to create wealth at home // soften up interior

Do you sometimes wind up in a room which feels a bit cold or impersonal? Or do you maybe want to soften up your own home a bit? Here you’ll find the answer to the question: how to create wealth at home. We are happy to share some of our ‘tricks’ to make sure your home does not feel like a showroom but rather a place which has been lived-in for many year with great sophistication!

The 4 most essential tips and tricks to soften up your interior

Tip 1: Get a soft floor // how to choose the right rugs

Your home should feel like a journey, it is never finished and never really should be either. On our many trips abroad we find unusual pieces and collect them to give just that special nuance in a room. Nothing has to be really old but the feeling of everything ‘brand-new’ is also not a well ‘lived-in’ feeling. Try, like you see below at one of our Amsterdam projects, to place an old Moroccan Berber carpet underneath the coffee table. This ‘rough’ look combined with the great sophistication of the ‘Toile de tour’ by Le Manach is a fantastic way to implement different textures and patterns throughout your home.

Get a soft floor // how to choose right rugs

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how to choose the right rugs - la manach toule de tour

Photo © Ethnic ChicTip 2: Cozy cushion // how to choose the right fabric for your cushions

Tip 2: Soft cushions // how to choose the right fabric for your cushions

Always wondered if you should take the cushions which comes with your brand-new sofa? ABSOLUTELY not! One of the biggest statements you can make on your living-room sofa, whether it is in soft tones or bright colors, is the diversity of stunning cushions. In the canal house project we have used cushion hand-dyed and hand-printed by Mirella Spinella. This Venetian marvel creates some of the most astonishing cushions & bedspreads around the world. All with the love of history combined with pure Italian craftsmanship (want to read something more about Mirella Spinella & other Venetian fabrics click here).

how to choose the right fabric for cushions

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Tip 3: Daylight // how to choose the right curtains

Understated or bold and daring? It is difficult to choose the right curtains for your bedroom or home. Never try to give the same look to all the rooms but give every room a different atmosphere. In the pictures below you will be able to see that with a ‘busy’, full-pattern interior, light curtains will bring a breath of fresh air into the room and the other way around, a light interior could be enhanced with a stunning color or pattern to outline the window. Look outside, and try to combine the colors you see when you look out to make sure you extend the interior and blend-in with the outside!

how to choose right curtains-Mirella Spinella

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how to choose right fabric for cushions-Mirella Spinella

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Tip 4: Soft bathroom // How to choose fabrics for a bathroom

Always wondered why a bathroom feels so ‘bathroomy’? Try to think of it as a real room, put real furniture, get some fantastic plants, buy a beautiful light and last, but certainly not least, choose fabrics! In the below, spa-bathroom, we tried to combine antique japanese furniture, a real Venetian Murano chandelier with amazing hand-printed Fortuny cotten fabric (check other post about Fortuny lighting & fabrics).

How to choose fabrics for a bathroom

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Keep it light and do not over-do it but, but what a difference it makes!

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