James Hare fabrics for a sophisticated style

Creamy faux silks, soft velvets and semi-plains. James Hare fabrics are excellent to merge a base layer palette for a warm and elegant room in solid colors. We’re talking about designs that are suitable for almost every interior and not to forget the great value for money. Maybe this sounds not too exciting for you, but what if we show you the other way around?



What is more fun than proving the opposite of what one thinks? For us as interior designers we look at so many different designs and try to combine all kinds of designs that we have the ability to see things differently. Same as with James Hare. It’s one of the latest new brands in our online shop, and we worked with it in one of our projects. Now that we’re a big fan, we have to show what you can do with this understated luxury brand ;).

Blog Ethnic Chic: James Hare fabrics Blog Ethnic Chic: James Hare fabrics
The ‘Hare’ story
This year it’s the 150th birthday of James Hare, what an accomplishment! Since 1865 the ‘Hare Family’ is specialised in fabrics, especially silk, producing for the interior and fashion market. Together with the company’s values ‘upright dealing’, ‘honest value’ and ‘full satisfaction’, it became already in 1910 the largest textile distribution house in Great Britain.


Neutrals & Jewels

Nowadays, the family company creates designs with perfect neutrals and jewels. Which allows us to create an elegant look without an over-the-top feeling. To give you an idea, we’ve placed one of our James Hare sample books next to an image of a sophisticated hotel bedroom, here’s the result:

Blog Ethnic Chic: James Hare fabrics Blog Ethnic Chic: James Hare fabrics

We love to work with James Hare silks and for the pictures above we mixed the silks with gold brass and dark wood.. Et voila!

Shop the Collections

At the Decorex 2015 James Hare launched three exquisite new fabric collections: Elements, Osprey and Portobello. Interested in creating a warm and luxurious base layer? Check the new Elements Collection or go to the entire James Hare Collections in our online shop.

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Credits: James Hare
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