Jean Boggio for Pinton Manufacture

Jean Boggio for Pinton Manufacture

This year has a lot in store for Pinton Manufacture, after all, its their 150th anniversary! The year started off top-notch as they participated at the prestigious Parisian event, Paris Deco OffAnother matter worthy of celebration is the collaboration of Jean Boggio and Pinton Manufacture on Pinton’s new collection.

Jean Boggio is a world-renowned goldsmith and jewellery maker. However, some may see him as a full time storyteller. His passion for stories reflects in his art work, as his marvellous pieces convey a deeper meaning.

A Peek into Jean Boggio’s Past

Taking a glimpse into Jean’s past makes it very evident we are dealing with an expert. At the young age of 21, Jean opened his first jewellery workshop in Lyon, France. He quickly became recognised as an artistic genius. He continues his journey through life receiving several awards, including the ‘Metier d’Art’ prize.

Jean Boggio for Tassinari et ChatelJean Boggio

It didn’t take much longer before the world realised Jean is one of a kind. He started his international career in Asia, Taiwan, where he created the Franz Collection. This high end jewellery collection uniquely combines french design with Chinese porcelain.

Jean Boggio porcelain Jean Boggio jewellery

He discovered his talent ranged far beyond only Jewellery and in 2013 he started working with Tassinari & Chatel in Lyon, designing a new edition of silks. He was inspired by traditional French themes in combination with the oh so wonderful, Silk Road!
Jean Boggio for Pinton ManufactureJean Boggio for Pinton Manufacture

The Collaboration

Pinton Manufacture is known for their mesmerising carpets and tapestries. They are a family company nearby Aubusson, known as the birthplace of French tapestry. Pinton uses traditional techniques and has even won the ‘Living Heritage Company’ label! The current head of the company, Lucas Pinton, however, has added a wonderful modern twist to the company.
Pinton Manufacture Pinton Manufacture

Jean Boggio for Pinton ManufactureJean Boggio for Pinton Manufacture

Jean Boggio for Pinton Manufacture

For the first time now, Jean works to design rugs and carpets for Pinton. He has created a delightful pattern inspired by the glamorous stone, Pietra Dura, ‘Pietra Dura’. Pinton is also offering a limited edition of 20 rugs, inspired by the upholstery of chairs from the 20th century. Get yours while you can! Check out Pinton for more information on this beautiful brand!

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Credits: Pinton

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