Jim Thompson designer fabrics: Halcyon & Second Dynasty

Jim Thompson designer-halcyon-second-dynasty

We are very happy to announce the new Jim Thompson designer fabric collections! It’s always so lovely to discover Thompson’s new designs; amazing bright colors, geometrics and silks. Here we go!


Some designers get their inspiration from other cultures, far away from Europe. Jim Thompson found his love in Thailand and since he created amazing textiles, especially silks, with the most brilliant textures and designs. We absolutely adore Jim Thompson and off course The Halcyon Collection is again perfect, check the next sneak previews!

Jim Thompson designer-halcyon Jim Thompson designer-halcyon

Second Dynasty

This collection is a remake of the Dynasty Collection of 2011 which featured the hugely popular “Enter the Dragons” print. Jim Thompson said: “Moving our fresh take on chinoiserie even further, this season’s offering is presented with a more ‘grown up’ feel.” Well, the dessins give that feeling but the great thing about these fabrics are the bright and young colors that never get ‘old and boring’!

Jim Thompson designer-second-dynasty Jim Thompson designer-second-dynasty Jim Thompson designer-second-dynasty
This latest picture of the wallpaper is a preview of Richard Smith’s second wallpaper collection for No.9 Thompson, due to launch at the beginning of 2016! 

These new collections are available on request (don’t hesitate to contact us!) or view the entire Jim Thompson collections in our online shop

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Credits: Jim Thompson.
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