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Japanese Home

If i’d ask you to think of Japanese traditional architecture, then we’d probably be visualising something pretty similar right now. Japan has such a powerful and distinct traditional design.

Japanese Architecture

Their perhaps simple looking interior has a lot of meaning behind it. The overall structure is mainly built with wood as this material is more resistant during the earthquakes that frequently strike Japan. In addition to using wood, paper shutters are also used as part of the exterior of a traditional Japanese home.

Japanese home Japanese interior decor bathroom

Rice papers are used as dividers inside the house, so families are in full control of the interior space. The idea of constant change is very present in their culture which reflects the flexibility of designing the size of the rooms. The simple structure transmits a peaceful ambiance. Furniture is also usually left minimal, the floor of the main room is covered with straw mats, and can solely include a table.

Japanese home

The sliding doors that give way to the garden are usually translucent. Sometimes they are designed with a floral pattern to create a harmonic entrance into the garden.

Japanese home Japanese interior decor

The garden is a magical place, as they imitate natures wonders such as waterfalls, mountains and oceans. A separate tea house can also be present in the garden. Drinking tea is seen as a very healthy tradition as it is believed to purify the soul. A common topic during tea time is art. Art has a very important role in Japanese tradition. One traditional form of art is woodblock printing, where paint is transferred back from a wooden block onto a sheet or canvas.

Japanese Influence

After the second half of the 1900’s, Europe started seeing more Japanese influence in the architectural world. This is wonderful for us as we get to enjoy adding beautiful Japanese history into our homes around the world. Below you can see 4 ideas, by the gorgeous Jim Thompson, for a Japanese twist. The following prints are all inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

Jim Thompson NISHIKI Jim Thompson SHOJI

Fabrics in the picture: left is NISHIKI, see how woodblock printing comes alive as you view this beautiful fabric. Right is SHOJI, imitate the vibes from the Japanese paper shutters with this graceful fabric.

Jim Thompson IMARI Jim Thompson WASABI

Fabrics in the picture: left is IMARI, check out the delicate design on this wallpaper. resembling Japanese hand-made paper. Right is WASABI look at how these curtains symbolise the simple, yet harmonic Japanese architecture.

We proudly offer these impeccable designs by Jim Thompson. Get in touch with us if you’re ready for a Japanese touch!

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