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Imagine a huge living room, high ceilings and a soft sofa that almost fills the whole room, isn’t that a nice thought? Yes we thought so ;)! One of the companies that creates such huge sofas that makes you want to lounge all day is Ascension Latorre. Here’s what we love about Latorre.

From Spain with love

Latorre produces massive sofas that still look elegant and subtle in a spacious room. Something we are regularly looking for, to use in our projects (read below) and need to share with our readers! The sofa company combines technology and comfort of the highest quality and makes it in the most elegant way possible. La Torre is: “Exquisite and unique pieces providing luxury, distinction and comfort to any space.”

Check the next sofas to get an impression of what they make in Spain.


Our visit at Latorre in Milan

A company from Spain, with great people and high quality and comfortable sofas, what do we need more? Last time we met them in Milan at the fair, check the pics of our moment with them and experience their latest collection.


Premium pieces for our projects

Latorre is one of the brands that we love to work with for our projects. The premium sofas have a strong signature of the sophisticated style mixed with classic details; elegant shaped and finished with exquisite nails. That’s exactly the style what we are looking for!

The sofa above is from Latorre and it’s a picture of our finished projects: Canal Residence in Amsterdam. Discover more pictures here! If you are interested in Latorre sofa, please let us know, there are many custom possibilities in fabrics and sizings!

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