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Marble. A heavy piece of stone, with damn good looks! The ‘Chanel’ of materials in home decor. Lately, this type of amazing stone is making a comeback in a lot of different areas: art, fashion, design and interior. Share our passion for marble and view the trend moodboard with interesting pieces of marble in design interiors…

‘Marvelous marble’ is back

Everywhere around us we see marble; marble textile patterns, marble wallpapers and of-course the finish in it’s natural beauty! What do you think?

Moodboard of marble design

This mineral stone keeps it’s character of unique textures, absorbs light and has a long lasting durability. Natural veins and patterns running accross the sheets of marble creating a unique world.

Get the look:
1. Sink // Frassk 
2. White Marble Tray // Cravt Original
3. Wallpaper // Schumacher
4. White Marble Soap Dispenser // Cravt Original
5. Nouveau Lighting // Lee Broom
6. Clock // Established & Sons

More inspiration…
Origin of marble

All marvelous mineral stones are coming from different stone-yards from around the globe. So many marble types from different coutries; Greek white, Russian salmon pink, Tuscan blue-grey, Swedish green or black from the States.

Open book marble

In the previous pictures we showed you marble in a regular cut. Do you want to create a more ‘dramatic’ backdrop and repeat? Try the ‘open-book’ technique. As you can see in the next pictures, the marble is cut and placed next to each other as an open book. Which results in a different way of marble pattern. The right picture is a wallpaper of Dedar. Love creations that come from natural wonders!

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