Meet the team: Ethnic Chic – Home Couture Amsterdam


New projects, a growing online shop and many upcoming, excited new things! Ethnic Chic, Home Couture Amsterdam is expanding so time to share a proper introduction of all of us!

Meet the team

In our design studio based in Amsterdam, we are working every day with a team of six people, plus another team of freelancers around the world. Together we work on both residential and commercial projects and take care of our online shop; the place where design lovers can find inspiration, purchase exclusive design goods and get expertise for projects. We try to achieve different perspectives together with the team, here we are!


Meet Robin Toetenel

Robin, founder and senior interior designer, is real morning person and always very active. From going to the gym every morning at 7 am. he has a very sturdy hand in work and life. The company is like his baby; he loves it and doesn’t let go.

Meet Youri van Oostendorp

As owner and sales director Youri is our social guy who loves to be in touch with our clients. With his optimistic look on things and sense of humor he knows how to deal with it.


Meet Daniela Oliveira

Daniela is one of our junior interior designers with a very positive energy. She was born and raised in Portugal, now she’s living the dream in Amsterdam. Her dedication and interest for everything that has to do with interior design is incredible, and with chocolate even more!

Meet Gonçalo Moreira

As junior interior designer he makes the team all complete with his Portuguese charm from Cascais. Goncalo is the most sincere and honest person you’ve ever met, he is the one you are looking for when you need true advice and perfection.


Meet Francesco Ciavollino

Imagine the ultimate, handsome Italian guy who can make your day by telling crazy stories and fun jokes, it’s Francesco from Napoli. He’s taking of customer services and you’ll be blown away by his talent for languages.

Meet Colette Houben

Not only she has a great aesthetic sense for graphic design but also for interior design and marketing. Colette keeps you updated with the latest trends, design news and everything we do. A day at the office without Colette is like fine dining without a nice wine.

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