Osborne and Little: Enchanted Gardens Collection

Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little

It is time for London Design Week! Are you so lucky to attend this event, from 12 March-17 March? Then perhaps you will see Osborne and Little’s new collection: Enchanted Gardens. Osborne and Little is one of our favorite brands. Their innovative mindset makes it a wonderful design to work with!

The English love affair with gardens

This world renowned British brand gets inspired by many different sources and therefore, they are able to provide a diverse range of styles. Yet again, this bold attitude is reflected in their wonderful new collection, “The English love affair with gardens and woodlands both native and oriental is the inspiration for this collection”, by Osborne and Little.

Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little

Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-littleEnchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little

A garden history

The relationship between Britain and their gardens goes way back. It started with the Roman’s, who brought a symmetrical and formal way of gardening. Low box hedges were used to separate the footpath from the garden. Medieval Britain saw more of a practical purpose behind gardening, and started planting for medicinal and alimentary purposes.

Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little

The Tudors had Italian influence whilst gardening. The structure of the house was taken into consideration so the garden would follow in harmony. It was the beginning of knot gardens, where lawn hedges would trace the garden’s design. A French style of gardening was brought to Britain with the Stuarts. They are characterized with large avenues leading to the house. Then the English Landscape Gardens started to lose their formal structure, and the hedges would curve and wander. Trees were planted in a scattered manner, and public parks became more common. Finally, the Victorian Gardens started to play with color. Flowers became the centre piece of a garden. 

Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little Enchanted Gardens-osborne-and-little

Now a day, we see that gardens in Britain vary in shape, style and design. Just by looking at their diverse gardening history, we can understand why. This diversity is reflected in Osborne and Little’s Enchanted Garden collection, as we see structure, chaos and bright and soothing colors. 

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