Paolo Polloniato brings back history

Paolo Polloniato Ceramics

A ceramics master was born in the small town of Nove, Italy. The extensive ceramics tradition of Nove, complements the skilful Paolo Polloniato. In addition to coming from a town known for its ceramics, Paolo inherits an exceptional family tradition.

Our love for ceramics

There is something beautiful in bringing back the past, as we can see in Paolo’s artwork. He brings back history in his ceramics by combining fragments of old pottery to create a contemporary masterpiece. As a result, his pieces transmit a powerful story from the past, yet, remaining fresh and graceful. Paolo’s ceramics portray a very fearless character, as he has boldly used several different techniques, ranging from graffiti to incorporating fabric. 

Paolo Polloniato CeramicsPaolo Polloniato Ceramics

Paolo Polloniato CeramicsPaolo Polloniato CeramicsPaolo Polloniato Ceramics
The story behind Cristallino

Paolo studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice and has since then participated in various impressive exhibitions. As Artemest describes, Paolo is most proud of Cristallino, a project he did in collaboration with the marvellous Cristina Celestino. Below you can see their extraordinary art piece, uniquely combining ceramic and glass to create something extremely captivating.

Just like Paolo, Cristina graduated in Venice. However, she currently lives in the vibrant city of Milan. Cristina likes her pieces to have a contemporary style as well, which she does by adding a distinctive retro look to it. We can see a hint of retro in Cristallino with the usage of glass bowls.

Paolo Polloniato CeramicsPaolo Polloniato Ceramics

Both Paolo and Cristina enjoy the freedom of working on their own. They get inspired by their surroundings and create incredible and meaningful art while still keeping it contemporary.

Paolo Polloniato Ceramics Paolo Polloniato Ceramics

We love to work in this aspirational manner as well, by for instance giving antiques our own voice. Here you see a spiced-up chair from our Canal House project in Amsterdam. The elegant fabric melts in beautifully with the soul of the antique frame, and thus, we also bring back a bit from the past.

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Credits: FondazionecologniArtemest, Material Soul.
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