Prestigious Maison Prelle fabrics with real ‘allure’

Blog Ethnic Chic: Prelle fabrics interior design

Maison Prelle is where all the beauty comes from! Perfectly woven ‘lampas’ fabrics with rich patterns, beautiful subtle colors and great textures. These fabrics are ‘one-of-a-kind’ and historically known for their high quality silks… A fabric you must touch with your hands to understand what we are talking about, but we will try here ;).

King Louis XI

The oldest furnishing silks manufacturer of Lyon, already existing since the 18th century. The history of silk in Lyon goes back to 1466, when King Louis XI began to seek and develop a national silk industry within the city. Recall the ‘Renaissance’, the ‘Rhône-Alpes’ region of France and see one of Prelle’s sample books of the 1800s to understand the importance of this factory such a long time ago.

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Blog Ethnic Chic: Prelle fabrics interior design Blog Ethnic Chic: Prelle fabrics interior design

Layers of revolution

You can see the layers of a design that is been created many years ago and is evolving like a revolution. Ah! We like more of this, similar but slightly different: Pierre Frey, RubelliFortunyTassinari & Chatel and Watts of Westminster(will tell you more about this brand soon!). All these wonderful brands are still supplying for places like castles, the Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, museums, historical homes, interior and designers with these works of art.

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Peacock Prelle

Although the fabric industry has changed, Prelle is still one of today’s most prestigious weavers of fabric. They really create stunning reproductions and new designs. For example, we love this peacock design, can’t get enough of it ;)… For special pieces of Prelle like this, we would love to help you on request, please contact us here.

Blog Ethnic Chic: Prelle fabrics interior design
‘Dans la coulisse’

For those who are interested about the weaving proces of exquisite fabrics, have a look at the video below, where Prelle’s craftsmanship is shown. The complexity of producing lampas fabrics is what makes these fabrics so expensive.

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