Rubelli Fabrics: Vivere A Colori

This year Rubelli Venezia presents us with a burst of colors! Vivere A Colori is a vibrant collection that plays with the combination of whites and colors. The combo’s are endless as there are 28 exclusive fabrics in the 2017 collection! Go ahead and play with the colors, mix and match in our online store! “A work becomes art when pieces of different sizes and colours are placed together in harmony to give birth to something new and unique, maybe even magical”- Nicolo Favaretto Rubelli

Rubelli Venezia: Cordoba

‘Cordoba’ is created by fusing two elegant fabrics together, namely trimmings from the sixteenth century and Indian Ikat. This delicate design is available in 10 colors, great for light use or drapery.

Vivere A Colori Rubelli Cordoba Vivere A Colori Rubelli Cordoba

Ikat is a technique used to design textiles. The patterns are created through the usage of resist dyeing. Here, yarn tends to be used to trace the design, working as a barrier preventing the paint from bleeding through.

Now a day, Ikat is used throughout the world, however, it is difficult to determine its origin due to a lack of historical documentation. Still, it is very probable that Ikat began in India as Ikat is deeply rooted in Indian culture. In addition, cave paintings have been found in India dating back to 7th century CE.

Rubelli Venezia: Katagami

Another one of our favorites is the elegant Trevira fabric, ‘Katagami’. This delicate design is inspired by Japanese culture. Katagami is a traditional Japanese technique using detailed paper stencils to dye fabrics. They are originally used to produce sophisticated patterns for kimono’s.

Vivere A Colori Rubelli KatagamiKatagami Vivere A Colori Rubelli Vivere A Colori Rubelli Katagami

At the end of the 19th century, this technique started gaining worldwide recognition due to international art expositions held in Europe. Some believe that katagami is the trigger behind Japonism. This graceful fabric has a silky appearance and is available in 11 different colors.

Rubelli Venezia: Sanandaj

This gorgeous fabric allows you to travel all the way to the capital of Kordestan, in Iran. Sanandaj is well known for their rug production. 

Vivere A Colori Rubelli Sanandaj Vivere A Colori Rubelli Sanandaj

Vivere A Colori Rubelli Sanandaj

‘Sanandaj’ is found in 6 vibrant colors incorporated with a golden effect of the ground, great for elegant drapery and light use of upholstery.

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Credits: Rubelli & Japan Times
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