Still life floral paintings at Fischer’s Auction

About Fischer’s Auction by Ethnic Chic

It’s no secret that flowers have a positive influence. Still life paintings of flowers can really bring, funnily enough, a space a-live. Art is always important to personalise your rooms. This month, a worth-to-visit Dutch auction will be hosted, including still life floral paintings!

About Fischer

This month will be the third auction since the Fischer’s house started (one year ago). Kas Buunk is introducing the auction, the next will take place in The Hague on 20 September.

About Fischer’s Auction by Ethnic ChicAbout Fischer’s Auction by Ethnic Chic
About Fischer’s Auction by Ethnic ChicAbout Fischer’s Auction by Ethnic Chic

The Method

Each auction works with a different concept. Fischer’s method is based on the Vickrey-method. First, you start looking, live or online (the full catalogue is online). If you have a painting in mind you like, you can start thinking about a price. The highest price you would pay for it, will be your bidding. You fill in the form with your bidding price and hand it over to an independent third party; the notary. You won’t know the other biddings until the auction. The huge advantage of this method is that you will come up with a price you really think it’s worth it, you have time to think about it. The notary will know who is the highest en second highest bidder. If you are eventually the highest, you have to pay the price of the second highest bidder. Now that’s a nice concept ;)!

Save the Details

Check the entire auction catalogue and go to the viewings: 14-18 September 2016 at Fischer’s House, Nobelstraat 5, 2513 BC, The Hague (from 11.00 – 17.00).

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Credits: Fischer’s Auction
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