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Light is a way to create a certain ‘atmosphere’. Therefore it is one of the most essential tools for interior designers to work with and so it is for us! Since last month we have great new lightings in our online shop that we would love share with you. Hold on for the story behind Catellani & Smith lightings!

The time it takes

Catellani & Smith is working with light since 25 years. A process of feeling materials and playing with light. It’s their passion to strengthen a lamp and create new lights; watch the story.

Enzo Catellani

One of the founders, Enzo Catellani, about the making of light: “When I create a lamp, I always start off with a prototype; my laboratory is a workshop where I continually accumulate materials, components and objects of all different kinds; and this is where everything was born… I assemble, weld, bend, shape… I need to feel the materials, to see how they play with light. In this initial stage there is no real design, the idea must take shape immediately, becoming an object. Only at this point do I move on to the traditional design phase: feasibility, technical characteristics and much more; it’s an idea of light, and the desire to tell about it, which guides me through the construction. I believe that this process can be felt in products by Catellani & Smith. A large part of my production is made up by pieces that require a great amount of craftsmanship: it’s the hand of the craftsman that builds them, his manual work that creates the imperfection, making a truly unique object.”

Ethnic Chic - Home Couture about Catellani Smith lighting Ethnic Chic - Home Couture about Catellani Smith lighting

Lamp in the picture: Table lamp by Catellani & Smith

The lamp you see in the picture above is the one we used in one of our projects; love the shape and the delicate light with a dimmer.

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Credits: Catellani & Smith
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