The Art Deco home decor guide

The Art Deco home decor guide

Geometrical shapes, bright colors and gold accents: Art Deco is making a comeback! Time for the last home decor guide of the year 2015 ;). Get inspired by Peter Korver’s mural artworks and our hand-picked ‘roaring twenties’ design items before it’s too late!

The origin of Art Deco

Between 1920 and 1939 the Art Deco style started with its rich colors, geometric shapes and zigzag patterns. Nowadays we see a lot coming back from that period, which was an eclectic movement; a mix of different styles. Many people confuse Art Deco with Art Nouveau. But Art Deco is much more geometrical, bright and symmetrically. Brands like Barbara Barry (right picture below) and Thomas Pheasant for Baker furniture, Kelly Wearstler (left picture below) and Christopher Guy take a lot of inspiration from the Art Deco style-period..

The Art Deco home decor guide-kelly-wearstler The Art Deco home decor guide-barbara-barry

Artwork by Peter Korver

Peter Korver creates one of the most beautiful murals and ceiling art you’ve ever seen. Now because we are into the Art Deco style, we would like to present one of Korver’s murals. This artist uses historical and monumental interior as canvas for his artworks of painted plants and animals. The Ekster is a detail of a whole mural that Peter created for Club ‘ABE in Amsterdam (photography by Eddy Wenting). Meet L’Age d’Or – Magpies Gilded Mural by Peter Kover:

The Art Deco home decor guide-Peter-Korver The Art Deco home decor guide-Peter-Korver
Art Deco Home

Art deco designs are strongly influenced by the South American, African and Japanese cultures. This because of the exotic materials like special woods, ivory and gold from the beginning. Later there was another more modern movement that shows more chrome, steel and aluminum. If you like the Art Deco style, look for geometric shapes and elegant materials.

For the Residence January issue we created a home decoration and design guide in Art Deco style, here’s one of the three pages:

The Art Deco home decor guide-residence-magazine

Products in the guide: 1. Pouf by Munna, 2. Lui chair by Philippe Bestenheider, 3. Screen by Jallu Ebénistes, 4. Teatrolley by JZ, 5. Cabinet by Simon Stewart, 6. Art sculpture by Kelly Wearstler, 7. Vase by Vanessa Mitrani.

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Credits: Peter Korver, Eddie Wenting & Residence.
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