The elegant style of Venetian interior design

Venetian architecture

Traveling to the city of water must be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only is Venice the most romantic city in the world, but it also vibrates with rich culture and history. Venetian design as we know today, was created by mixing various styles together. It was for instance, heavily influenced by European gothic architecture. This is seen through the asymmetric designs, emphasis on light and the usage of ornamentation.

The Venetian architecture

However, Byzantine and Moorish styles have also left its marks in Venice. This is due to their history in trade. The well known arches found around Venice, for instance, are inspired by Moorish design.

Venetian architecture Venetian interior design style

Overall, when walking around Venice, it is clear that there is emphasis in the details. It is as if every corner in interior design and architecture has been thoroughly thought about.

Venetian interior design style

Their elegant buildings are also designed due to several practical reasons. For example, wood and bricks are more commonly used around Venice, rather than traditional marble. Lighter materials were chosen to work with due to the delicate structure caused by the surrounding water.

Venetian interior design style Venetian interior design style

About PalazzinaG’s Decor

The luxurious hotel, PalazzinaG is an elegant example of Venetian design with a touch of avant-garde. This 16th century apartment has maintained its heritage by keeping the overall structure intact. However, Philippe Starck has shown how to beautifully intertwine contemporary with traditional venetian interior design. Backlit mirrors found in every room are Venetian inspired, in addition to the usage of deep mahogany and glass works.
PalazzinaG Hotel decor PalazzinaG Hotel decor PalazzinaG Hotel decor PalazzinaG Hotel decor PalazzinaG Hotel decor PalazzinaG Hotel decor

PalazzinaG Hotel decor

Venetian Charm in our projects

We love the Venetian style precisely because of its cultural background, vibrant choice in colors and importance in the details. Our Canal House in Amsterdam also has a Venetian charm to it.

Venetian interior design styleVenetian interior design style

The living room is decorated with a venetian chandelier, elegant chairs by Baker furniture and a rug from Golran. We use a lot of venetian inspired details such as a hand-painted, venetian plaid by Mirella Spinella, laid over a chaise longue by Koket.

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