The embroidery of the Anke Drechsel pillows

Blog Ethnic Chic: Anke Drechsel pillows

Although the start of winter marks the beginning of cozy nights nestled on the sofa, while sipping tea and hot chocolates, it’s also the time to collect beautiful home accessories; Anke Drechsel pillows.

Master of embroidery

Anke Drechsel is one of our favorite crafters when it comes down to pillows and home accessoires. We’re talking about an exquisite taste for color and design combinations, attention to craftsmanship, difficult type of needlework and excellent quality of material use; natural silk, hand-dyed silk velvet, raw silk and linen. The complexity about her embroidery artwork is the metallics, that have to be hammered in a particular technique in order to soften.

Blog Ethnic Chic: Anke Drechsel pillowsBlog Ethnic Chic: Anke Drechsel pillows

Hammered Haute Couture

Here’s our selection of the most beautiful pillow pieces, that are all part of the Anke Drechsel signature. These are not just pillows, it’s ‘hammered haute couture’ for your sofa..

Blog Ethnic Chic: Anke Drechsel pillows

Hand-picked Pillows: 1. Peach Rose Nature Pillow ($395,-), 2. Peony Silk Velvet Pillow ($ 250,-), 3. Peach Rose Gold Shaded ($295,-), 4. Peach Rose Marni Pillow ($275,-), 5. Melissa Pillow ($525,-),
6. Goldbar Silk Pillow ($565,-), 7. Maya Pillow ($250,-)

Hopefully we inspired you with these ‘winter-worthy’ cushions by Anke Drechsel. Read everything about her here and don’t forget to visit her at the next Maison et Objet in Paris!

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Credits: Anke Drechsel & ABC Home
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