The high end home decor with plants

botanic plants home decor

Bring life into your home. Glossy green leaves or a vase full of colorful flowers makes such a difference for an ambiance. So if you haven’t yet, get ready to upgrade your home decor with plants. However, we know it’s easy to get lost in the plant world, so here are several tips on how to decorate your high end home with plants.

First of all, there are a variety of ways to decorate your interiors with plants. You can for instance have one dangling from the ceiling, posing on a table or shelf, dressed in an elegant vase, or hanging to a wall. Although be careful not to overdo it and end up turning your home into an interior forest.

palmtree indoor decorindoor palmtree

Top plants for elegant decors

We love miniature trees. Variations of palm trees and banana plants look great in an Ethnic Chic interior. Palm trees for instance add the geometry that we love so dearly and brings dimension to a space. Banana plants such as the Giant Bird of Paradise has a wonderful elegance to it with its delicate stems.

botanic plant palmbanana leaf close upbanana plant botanical garden

Remember that a plant is not a separate character in an interior, however, we must integrate it into a room. Thus, choose plants that transmit the same energy as your interiors. A way to incorporate plants in harmony is to select a fitting vase, or a unique cachepot. Big pot’s for an indoor tree adds a lot of character to your interior space.

botanic plants home decor banana leafbotanic plants home decor banana leaf

Meet our plants from the studio

We’d like to show you how we have used the plants in our design studio. Some of our favorite plants are Heteropanax and Schefflera, which can look great next to any furniture object.

Schefflera plant home decorFicus Microcarpa Ginseng Bonsai home decor

The Heteropanax stands next to the window absorbing and reflecting the beautiful morning sunlight. Our Schefflera, or ‘Berny’, as we call him here poses in a polished Cravt Original vase. Finally, the Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng Bonsai is smaller and is lovely on a table for instance.

Heteropanax home decor plantFicus Microcarpa Ginseng Bonsai home decor

Plants & Health

Plants are not only a decoration purpose but also beneficial for our health! In countries or environments where the humidity is especially low, a plant can act as the hero. Plants, namely those that need a lot of water, release vapor into the air and increase the humidity levels. Then we can say au revoir to dry skin!

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