The ultimate club chairs for relax moments

Ethnic Chic club chairs
A club chair is one of the most essential furniture pieces for your living room. It has the ultimate shape to relax and give comfort. This particular type of armchair is in a lot of homes the most favorite furniture piece because you won’t have to share it with others. Time to share our selection of beautiful club chairs!


The origins
Our top favorite is the Lana Chair from Donghia, this club chair evokes romance, elegance and beauty in one piece. We have two Lana chairs in our design studio, which is an exquisite and sophisticated addition to the rest of the interior. A club chair is a type of armchair, that was created and made in France for its first time. Before it became known as club chair, it was called the “fauteuil comfortable”, the comfortable armchair. The origins of the term “club” are still unclear, but it may has to do with the gentlemen’s club.


Ethnic Chic club chairs Donghia
Ethnic Chic club chairs Donghia Lana

Club chairs: left Sutton Club Chair by Donghia & right Lana Club Chair by Donghia

Ethnic Chic club chairs

Ethnic Chic club chairs donghiaEthnic Chic club chairs ochre

Club chairs: left Woodbridge Club Chair by Donghia & right Divine Recline Club Chair by Ochre

While the club chair is from its origin a classic furniture piece of interior decor in France, but it still remains and always will be a relevant piece to any interior. Without this chair, a house wouldn’t feel as comfortable as it can be. 

Ethnic Chic club chairsEthnic Chic club chairs ochreEthnic Chic club chairs lana donghia

Club chairs: left Divine Recline Club Chair by Ochre & Lana Club Chair by Donghia

Ethnic Chic club chairs

Ethnic Chic club chairs donghiaEthnic Chic club chairs donghia toulouse

Club chairs: left Bond Street Coupe by Donghia & right Toulouse Club Chair by Donghia

We are a big fan of Donghia’s club chairs because the quality is unbelievable, the seatings are so ridiculous comfortable that you don’t want to feel anything else anymore. Looking for another club chair? With a special upholstery? Please contact us.

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Credits:Architectural Digest
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