The ultimate luxury day bed for your living room

Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed

A bed is one of the most powerful furniture pieces, imagine when you see your bed after a day of working: nothing beats the bed! Next to the fact that a daybed is relaxing, it’s also a must-have for high-end living rooms. Let’s take you through the next ultimate daybed inspirations.

Lounge Time

Daybeds are used as beds, for lounging and for seating, usually in living rooms, corridors or bedrooms.A cross between chaise longue, couch and a bed. Their frames can be made out of wood, metal, brass or a combination of different materials.

Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed

Dangerous Daybeds

Daybeds typically feature a back or armrests and they are also available in twin size! Our favorite brands that offer daybeds are Koket and Donghia, a chic and sophisticated style. In the following moodboard you can discover different lounge seats, shop the look in our online shop.

Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed

Furniture in the Moodboard: 1. Privê Daybed by Koket, 2. Envy Chaise by Koket, 3. Daybed by Henge, 4. Geneva Tete-a-tete by Donghia.

Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed Blog Ethnic Chic: luxury day bed

gallery3 gallery5

As you can see this furniture piece can be featured in many different styles; Baroque, Imperial, Moroccan, Classic, Hollywood Regency or even Industrial. Keep in mind that a daybed is beautiful to position in a special corner you want to highlight, or next to other sofas in the living room to give it a more open and ‘lofty’ feeling.

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Credits: Koket & Donghia.
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