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About Kaia lighting-Peter-Straka

Pure and timeless lighting designs in an elegant way, Kaia Lighting is the brand. Get inspired by their latest ‘Rio’ design and read the story about the designer.

Solid brass

Below you see the new design called ‘Rio’, designed by the founder and creative designer Peter Straka. His love for brass and geometrical shapes is recognisable in all his designs. This Rio has LED’s embedded in both sides of the solid brass ring, including solid brass fittings that can be custom-made. Love the shape! Discover his entire collection or read more about the designer here.

About Kaia lighting-Peter-Straka About Kaia lighting-Peter-Straka

From Vienna with love..

Meet Peter in the picture above and get inspired about how he started the business, brilliant! The creative mind behind Kaia was born and raised in Vienna. Always surrounded by the smell of iron, he started his career as a metal worker for the public tram service. Without any space for individuality and creativity, he started to think about his future…

After a while he decided to do an evening school, followed by studying engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. With examinations about elements, mechanics and a lot of details, he accomplished the studies and soon he realised he wanted to create objects of beauty.

Now that the vision was born, one year after finishing his studies, he founded Kaia: lighting objects that capture his passionate journey to the essential…

About Kaia lighting-Peter-Straka About Kaia lighting-Peter-StrakaAbout Kaia lighting-Peter-StrakaAbout Kaia lighting-Peter-Straka

Kaia Lighting: “In 1998 Peter was accepted at the Viennese University of Applied Arts, a pillar of the Jugendstil Movement, this institution awakened Peter’s passion for the Movement and its rebellious thinking, forming the biggest influence in his future work.”

We love this story and hopefully Peter’s passion for brass and lighting will be remained for a long time!

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Credits: Kaia Lighting & Sarah Bowen PR
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