True beauty never fades: Presenting Josef Frank & De Gournay

Josef Frank & De Gournay

Have you ever found jewellery or a piece of fabric in your grandparents’ closet that you completely fell in love with? Some things in life just never seem to lose their magic. Josef Frank’s fabrics are one of those things. Josef has designed delightful prints dating back to the 1920’s. His extremely lively and rich artwork surprisingly transmits a calming sensation.

The story behind Josef Frank

This optimistic and colourful way of illustrating is admirable. Josef has even created some of his most vibrant pieces during World War II, when he fled from Sweden to New York.   

Josef Frank Print by Josef Frank

Fabric prints by Josef Frank

One of these pieces named ‘Rox and Fix’ was designed in 1940. This beautiful print plays with the different layers of mountains, decorated between fig trees. Josef found inspiration from Chinese paintings he visited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

De Gournay: ‘A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains’

The beautiful thing about a global society is that cultures can inspire all over the world. De Gournay, a stunning brand we work with just released a captivating wallpaper print, ‘A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains’ (left picture below). Look closely and you will probably see some similarities with ‘Rox and Fix’ (right picture below).

A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains de GournayRox and fix josef frank

Inspired by Chinese Art

The crazy thing is that de Gournay’s gorgeous design, painted on white dyed silk is also inspired by Chinese art, in particular a painting from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Artist, Wang Ximeng created the next artwork for Emperor Huizong.

Song Dynasty Wang Ximeng  

Whether the exact same painting underlies the inspiration behind ‘Rox and Fix’ and ‘A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains’ is left open to dream about. However, it is fascinating to see the power that art holds, captivating and inspiring hearts from different cultures, all around the world.

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Credits: Elements, Svenskttenn & New York Times.
Chinese painting: Mesosyn 

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