What is marquetry and how to find the authentic one?


Marquetry was ‘hot’ in the 17th century and we are discovering a come-back right now. The art-deco style brings back a lot of old-, retro-styles like the marquetry finishes. But what is the origin of this beautiful decor craftsmanship and what is it exactly? These facts will give you a more clear idea of what marquetry really looks like and how to find the real authentic pieces.

What is Marquetry

There are many ways to decorate furniture and turn these practical objects into visually beautiful pieces. Think about hand-painted motifs, plastered, carved or lacquered wood and so on. Marquetry is one of those unique ways of finishing furniture. It is basically the plastering a thin layer of wood (called veneer), put into a certain pattern. From mosaics and braids to cubics or other geometrics. The marquetry can be also finished with a hand-painted motif like botanicals, garlands, sceneries or anything else.

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Materials for marquetry

The possibilities for wood marquetry are endless, many different shades of wood can give a different and unique output. But wood is not the only materials that’s used for marquetry. Ivory, straw, mother of pearl, tin or brass are all materials that are possible for marquetry crafting.



How to find the authentic one

If you’re a big fan of wood, you know probably a lot of wood types and see the difference between fake and precious. Although fake ones can look very real, it is always good to check where it really comes from. The exotic wood types are the most beautiful and most precious ones.


Hopefully the facts about marquetry were helpful for you. If you want to know anything more or if you are interested in furniture with marquetry furniture, please contact us.

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