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about Armani Casa Fabrics - Ethnic Chic

As we all have heard of Giorgio Armani ‘the world fashion designer’, you may not know exactly how Armani proceeds as an interior brand: Armani Casa. Luxurious high-end marbles, onyx, gold leaf and touches of parchement combined with ultra refined fabrics but almost always with an understated effect. But don’t get fooled, there is certainly also a splash of color if necesary… How does Armani create it’s Armani Casa Fabrics? Here’s a what you need to know about Armani Casa…

about Armani Casa style - Ethnic Chic

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The Armani lifestyle

The Armani atmosphere is all about elegance in a comfort way defined into a contemporary interior style. The collections of Armani have unique colors in one harmony. Combining elegant and posh raw silks with jacquard woven patterns but also combined with understated simple wools and linens. Definitely the opposite of our previous post about the Happy Chic interior style.

about Armani Casa Fabrics - Ethnic Chic

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Classic patterns into new design

From the moment Rubelli started to produce the Armani Casa Textiles back in 2009, many new and innovative designs have been developed. Mr. Armani himself regularly takes old archived patterns from the 157 year old textile editing company and reverts them into ‘negative’ resulting in a much more tranquille and understated fabric, where ‘the old meets the new’. This fascinating concept had been backed by the huge knowledge Rubelli gathered over the years and is very well recognizable in the pictures above and below.

about Armani Casa Fabrics - Ethnic Chic

Photo’s © Armani Casa Textiles by Rubelli



You might now think about Armani Casa Textiles as simple, not too much color and nice structures? You are right but not really… There are some stunning colors available as-well. Combine dark earthy tones with cool blues, vibrant reds or deep petrol greens.

Armani Casa by Rubelli textiles Ethnic Chic

Armani Casa by Rubelli textiles


Premium dealer

Ethnic Chic – Home Couture is a Premium dealer of Armani Casa Textiles by Rubelli and is proud to announce soon we will also have the exclusive wallpaper collection by Arte. The new Armani Casa wallpaper collection will be launched very soon! We are looking forward to their collaboration!

If you are curious or need any information about Armani Casa Textiles or Wallpapers please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@ethnicchic.com

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