Wild porcelain dinnerware sets by Hermes


Hermès Carnets d’Équateur is the new porcelain collection by Hermès. A very elegant, wild and exotic collection that we really can’t resist. Let’s go on safari and read everything about the artist, drawings and porcelain.

Artist Robert Dallet

Robert Dallet, the late artist and naturalist is the creator of these beautiful wildlife sketches. He was born with a passion for nature and animals and started his career with drawing exotic cartoons for children. After working for different nature magazines and publishing books for children he became more well-known.


That’s when Hermès asked the brilliant naturalist to design a scarf; his first collaboration with Hermes. He started to go regularly to East Africa, to the beautiful wildlife national parks of Kenya and Tanzania. Read more about his biography, books and artwork.


Parrots & Porcelain

This year Hermès captivated his wild creatures and translated it to porcelain: the ‘Carnets d’Équateur tableware collection’. His accurately drawn animals have been brought back to life; parrots, jaguars, monkeys and lions.

Hermes-carnets-d'equateur-robert-dallet Hermes-carnets-d'equateur-robert-dallet



Exhibition Fierce & Fragile

The new porcelain dinnerware collection is presented by a exhibition turned into a jungle with the drawings and porcelain: ‘Fierce and Fragile‘. The exhibition is at Bruce Museum in Greenwich, New York (open till march 13th 2016).

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The porcelain looks really fantastic. Dining from this is a journey through safari, tropical rainforests, marshland and savannah. For exclusive porcelain we always go to M-E-K, an online shop with amazing designer brands, including Hermès dinnerware.

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Credits: HermèsRobert Dallet
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